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Our Approach

Since 2009, EnlightnU Financial has been creating comprehensive financial solutions for families, individuals, and businesses throughout the Kansas City metro area. Committed to helping our clients live their dream retirement, we build cohesive plans that encompass all aspects of their post-career life. From income distribution strategies, to full estate planning and everything in between, EnlightnU Financial adheres to a 21st Century money management approach that centers on your life, your needs, and your goals.

Unlike agents and registered representatives who only look out for their company’s best interest, our independent financial advisors act in your best interest at all times. Which is why our approach starts with asking the right kind of questions. Our team will sit down with you to get to know who you are, where you come from, and where you hope to go in the future. From there, we help you set realistic goals based on an honest assessment of your situation. Through casual conversations and formal analyses, we will identify actions that need to be taken to help you reach your intended objectives. As your life changes and the markets shift, your customized strategy will be monitored and adjusted along the way.

We will take the complex, simplify it and help you build the comfortable retirement you deserve. Call today to learn more about how EnlightnU Financial can help turn your confusion to confidence with an adaptable plan designed around your life.